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Free Andrex Toilet Rolls

Author : Emma

The Insiders is looking for 6,000 people to receive FREE packs of Andrex Gentle Clean toilet paper! If you’d like to try this out, click ‘GET FREEBIE’ then ‘subscribe now’. Then just log in/sign up for a The Insiders account and finish your registration for the test.

Each person chosen will get 3 x 4-roll packs of the toilet paper and an Andrex puppy toy. You’ll also get 3 x 4 rolls to give to your family ad friends. In exchange for your freebie, you’ll need to share your thoughts on social media to spread the word.

Make sure to register before 21st April 2021 for a chance to participate!

How do I get my freebie ?

Click on the link "get freebie" and follow instructions.

Daylie-Freebie is not the organizer of this campaign and assumes no responsibility for the selection of the participants.

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